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Brief Counselling explained

What is brief counselling and how does it work?

Brief counselling is not simply shortened long-term therapy and it works quite differently.  We will start by identifying together a very clear and specific problem that is causing you distress.  We will not look into any underlying issues that might have caused the problem, instead we will work together to find a way to lighten the problem and to help you return to a more productive life right now.  We will work with your own existing strengths and resources to keep you motivated and to bring about the change that you desire.  Short-term work focuses more on your strengths than on the problem – you can overcome it! 

Brief Counselling requires a commitment from you to carry on the work between sessions by focusing on your goals and making changes in your daily life to achieve them. 


What issues are appropriate for brief counselling and what benefits can you expect?

There are several issues that can be dealt with during brief counselling.  For example you might have lost a close friend or family member and are currently struggling with anxiety and sadness.  Bereavement counselling is well-suited to short-term work.  Another issue which can be dealt with through brief counselling is handling being made redundant and getting back your self-confidence to embark on a job search and interviews.  Other issues might be handling exam anxiety and stress, pre-nuptial counselling or adapting to your new life after retirement to help you enjoy it to the full.  Of course several issues can also be dealt with, so please do get in touch if you would like to talk about your individual issues and whether you would benefit from brief counselling.

Most people find that simply talking to a caring and empathic listener is beneficial and brings relief. In today’s busy world it is often hard to make time for ourselves as we work longer hours and experience information overload. Having a weekly session can help you get in touch with yourself again and to deal with the stress and anxiety of life.

How many sessions does it involve?

The exact number of sessions can vary according on individual needs and we can agree this together in our first session, but generally brief counselling involves between 6 and 12 sessions.  Throughout therapy these can be re-negotiated if you feel that you would like to carry on for longer. There is also the possibility of arranging sessions over the phone or Skype if these are more convenient for you.

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