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Academia Experience in Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology

Apart from my clinical practice I am highly involved in academia.  I believe this brings added strength to my practice as it keeps me abreast with the latest developments and research in the field. 

I teach trainee psychotherapists and counselling psychologists  at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.  My work here is versatile: I teach psychoanalytic theory and practice, existential theory and practice, human sexuality courses, qualitative research methods and supervise dissertations at masters and doctoral level.  In addition, I facilitate professional and personal development groups.  

I am a visiting lecturer at The Minster Centre, where I give workshops on research and supervise dissertations.​  In the past, I have also examined doctoral candidates at Regents University: School of Psychotherapy and Psychology

My own doctoral research focused on the identity of voluntary childfree women and what gives them meaning and purpose in their life. I also  presented this research at the UKCP research conference (2012).  I am currently working on publications based on this work and I am very interested in working with women who are questioning whether they want to become mothers, particularly in Malta where there can be immense pressure to start a family.  

I have included a link to my presentation at the UKCP conference.  

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